Craft BBQ takes time and expertise. We believe you should be able to enjoy a memorable slow-smoked BBQ experience without having to travel far, or spend all night cooking.

Cali BBQ’s pitmasters have dedicated themselves to the art of live fire cooking. They smoke our craft barbecue overnight in an Ole Hickory Smoker using aromatic California cooking woods.

Order BBQ online for pickup or delivery. You can even buy gift cards to use later on.

We are open everyday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or until we sell out!)

Social Distancing Made Simple with Online Ordering


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Take the #SunriseGratitude Challenge in 2021 | Behind the Scenes of a Sunrise Gratitude Walk in San Diego

The #SunriseGratitude Challenge for you is simple: Attempt each day to change your life for the better. Every time the sun comes up or goes down you should feel grateful for another day. Each new sunrise is another day to be your best. This microdaily…

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Restaurant owner webinar - jan 2020 - slide 3 Shares Success Stories in Webinar and Podcast Series | Q&A With Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn Walchef

On a presentation in January 2021, Shawn Walchef discussed a number of topics relevant to his fellow restaurant owners and operators who want to thrive and adapt in the modern era.  Restaurant Owner Topics Included: The challenges of achieving profitability in a less than…

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Relentless Hospitality and Digital Dedication | Behind the Review Yelp Podcast and Entrepreneur Media featuring Cali BBQ Media

At Cali BBQ Media we believe in Digital Hospitality. We’re honored that Cali BBQ’s “Relentless Hospitality and Digital Dedication” was featured on the Behind the Review podcast by Yelp and Entrepreneur Media.  Yelp/Entrepreneur podcast Behind the Review episode · Relentless Hospitality   You can…

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Cali BBQ is more than just great BBQ. We also pride ourselves in being at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and new media content creation in the realm of small business. On our weekly podcast, Digital Hospitality, we sit down with everyone from business owners to media personalities to professional athletes and discuss what successes (and failures) propelled them to where they are today.

Podcast cover image - dh078 inhouse delivery (1)

In-House Delivery vs Third-Party Delivery | Roger Avats and Josh Kopel (Inhouse Delivery Company) | DH078

2021 is here, but the pandemic and the pivots pioneered because of it are still very much at hand. While the restaurant industry has been forced to suffer, adapt and evolve in 2020 more than most, the shift to takeout and delivery has allowed many…

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Cali comfort bbq sauces

2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 5 | Sam the Cooking Guy and Cali BBQ Sauce | DH077

2020 was full of Lessons and Stories we will always remember.  One is the story of how Sam the Cooking Guy pushed us to start selling BBQ sauce online after his YouTube channel featuring our Jalapeno BBQ Sauce in one of his Sam the Cooking…

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Toast pos unboxing at cali bbq in san diego

2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 4 | Toast POS Unboxing and Digital Content | DH076

If you’re looking for digital content to help tell your businesses story, turn the cell phone camera yourself.  That’s what we did when made an Unboxing Video when we first received our new Toast POS system. It was fun to record us opening up our…

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This is my “why”. 🍍🥰❤️ ...

We hope you check our our appearance on @yelp’s Behind The Review Podcast which is produced with @entrepreneur media.

This appearance was huge accomplishment and honor for our little bbq media brand in Spring Valley.

Link in bio. 👆🏻

Repost: @washcovick

@washcovick With everything that happened last Wednesday in our country, it didn’t feel right to share and promote Thursday’s Behind the Review episode on drop day, but episode 6 featuring @calibbq @calibbqmedia CAN NOT BE MISSED!!! This episode is all about relentless hospitality, and the steps both @shawnpwalchef and @stoveriii were taking BEFORE the pandemic to stay connected with customers digitally. We also talk about how 2020 turned out to be a better year for their restaurant revenue wise than expected.

The episode is live on any platform you can listen to podcasts! Don’t forget to subscribe so you get alerts every Thursday when a new episode drops.

Let us know what you think!

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Day 364 🐢🚶🤳🏻

One more day until I reach one year of #SunriseGratitude...

Nunc Coepi - Now I Begin

Mamba Mentality

Because of 4 AM

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