Spotify playlist challenge by cali bbq media


The #1 Rule of the Spotify Playlist Challenge is you MUST SHARE the Spotify Playlist Challenge.



Spotify Playlist Challenge Rules:

  1. ??You will talk and post about the #SpotifyPlaylistChallenge
  2. ☑️ Pick someone you love and admire and ask them to create a public digital playlist of 10 songs that are on the soundtrack to their life.
  3. ?? Interview them about their music playlist using your smartphone, Zoom, etc. to record their answers digitally.
  4. ? Share what you learned about them and their music on the Internet, whether it’s a blog, podcast, or social media post.
  5. ? Ask your interview subject to nominate and interview someone else to take the challenge.
  6. ❤️ Final rule is there are no rules to digitally storytelling except one: you must publish and share your story online.


Learn the why behind how our @calibbqmedia team was inspired to start this challenge on our blog, podcast, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other digital media platform you prefer.


Listen on Spotify >>


Listen on Spotify >>