Take the #SunriseGratitude Challenge in 2021 | Behind the Scenes of a Sunrise Gratitude Walk in San Diego

Sunrise gratitude in san diego

The #SunriseGratitude Challenge for you is simple: Attempt each day to change your life for the better. Every time the sun comes up or goes down you should feel grateful for another day.

Sunrise gratitude shawn running 2020

Each new sunrise is another day to be your best.

This microdaily habit of getting out while the sun rises was inspired by my mentor David Meltzer and his belief in expressing gratitude. It was also inspired by the late legend Kobe Bryant and his belief in “Because of 4 am”.

Shawn walchef expressing sunrise gratitude in december 2020


My Embarrassing Birthday Secret:

On my 39th birthday it was Day 355 of practicing Sunrise Gratitude.

These videos explain how this new micro daily habit has changed my life as well as my embarrassing birthday secret.

Because of 4am | Behind the Scenes of my Sunrise Gratitude | Part 1

I have a huge goal weight loss goal before I turn 40 years old. I will need your help to achieve my ideal weight goal.

Hopefully by revealing this personal truth online in this Sunrise Gratitude video I will hold myself accountable.

Shawn walchef walking during sunrise gratitude in san diego

My hope is someone like you, who is reading this, has some great advice that you are willing to share. Hopefully my struggle and documentation inspires others to share their own personal truths.

Path Least Traveled | Behind the Scenes of my Sunrise Gratitude | Part 2

Thank you for all the kind messages that so many of you have sent me on so many different platforms. I am truly humbled and grateful.

Stay curious, get involved and ask for help.

All of us could all learn to make ourselves more accountable by documenting our individual and business related journeys online for all to see. That could be a weight-loss journey, a Sunrise Gratitude journey, a social media journey, or a big life decision.

Be Kind To Your Future Self | Behind the Scenes of my Sunrise Gratitude | Part 3

Bringing other people into the conversation about you and your business is a great way to engage and enrich the future interactions of everyone involved. Our goal is to always invite you into our journey by communicating with you however you reach out to us.

We now have friends from all over the globe thanks to the global reach of digital media, podcasting, social media, and other online publishing platforms for businesses and brands.


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If you take care of yourself now, then you’re being kind to your future self. That’s why I believe in “Because of 4am” and start my day before the sun rises. I want to express gratitude for the potential of each new day to become a better husband, father, business owner, and man.

Sunrise gratitude video - screenshot 6

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Take the Sunrise Gratitude Challenge with Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media


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