Watch My $5,000,001 Pitch On 2 Minute Drill | New Reality Show on Bloomberg TV and Amazon Prime Video

Shawn walchef competes on 2 minute drill for host david meltzer and guest judges

What happens when I pitch my $5 million (and $1) Cali BBQ Media idea on the new business competition show 2-Minute Drill?

Watch the episode right now on YouTube to see what “Good Points” I made and what I could improve on when it comes to my elevator pitch.

You're Sitting on a Gold Mine | Episode #8 | 2 Minute Drill Pitch Show

Recording the competition reality show virtually from my Cali BBQ office in Spring Valley was a really fun and unique experience. Being picked to compete on the program helped me continue to refine my Cali BBQ Media pitch in front of host David Meltzer and guest judges.

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What Is 2 Minute Drill?

2 Minute Drill features entrepreneurs competing for more than $50,000 in cash and prizes by delivering their best two minute elevator pitch while the clock is ticking. Along the way they rack up a running tally of “Good Points” bestowed by Meltzer.

“Who will fold under the pressure and who will thrive?”

The 2021 pitch competition show is hosted by David Meltzer (Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Mentor, Legend) and distributed through Bloomberg TV, Entrepreneur, Reach TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

David meltzer on 2 minute drill

“I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new TV show 2 Minute Drill,” said my business coach and mentor David Meltzer.

“I have been waiting for a TV show that really teaches the art of the pitch to help people, rather than the facade of funding a deal.”

Each episode of 2 Minute Drill features four entrepreneurs who have to pitch themselves in 2 minutes in order to win more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. The competitions are recorded live and feature guest judges from participating brands and partners.

My New TV Show "2 Minute Drill" | David Meltzer


The second season of 2-Minute Drill started casting in March 2021. Click the link below to find out how to audition for the competition show.

Apply for the second season of 2 Minute Drill at

“This show is going to revolutionize the way that people pitch themselves and their businesses,” Meltzer added. “We are going to empower entrepreneurs to get their message across more effectively.”

David meltzer introduces 2 minute drill on bloomberg tv and amazon prime video


What It’s Like Pitching On TV

Life is about opportunities and seizing the opportunity to be uncomfortable on live syndicated streaming TV was an opportunity that I will always cherish.

Shawn walchef on 2 minute drill competition reality show in february 2021

Every business owner should work on improving their own “2 Minute Pitch” for their brand no matter if they get the chance to do it on television or not. It’s important to nail down your proposal into its engaging essence.

If I had the chance to appear on the 2 Minute Pitch show again, the next time I would spend more time practicing my pitch so I could recite it without a crutch of notes. I did myself a disservice by not memorizing my pitch like you would a script as an actor.

Shawn walchef competes on 2 minute drill for host david meltzer and guest judges

I encourage you to apply online for Season 2, but here’s some advice first: You should study all the podcast, YouTube and digital business coaching content that David Meltzer has about his show and crafting your pitch.

The answers to this test are all available online to anyone willing to put in the work and translate that work to their own pitch.

How to apply for 2 minute drill season 2 march 2021

Did you audition or are you planning on trying out? Let me know at

Apply online now

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PRESS RELEASE: “2 Minute Drill” Airs on Bloomberg TV, Amazon Prime Video, in Over 100 Million Homes

(Read the full PR News Wire Press Release announcing David’s Meltzer’s New Business Pitch Show “2-Minute Drill”)


2 Minute Drill features entrepreneurs from all walks of life competing each week for more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. Hosted by Legendary Entrepreneur, Investor, and Best-Selling Author, David Meltzer, each episode features four contestants who have just two minutes to deliver their most convincing pitch ever. Who will fold under the pressure and who will thrive?

Teaming up with partners like Verb Technology Company Inc, ShiftPixy, POWERHOME Solar, LaunchBoom, KULR Technology, Just The Cheese, GetEmails, and many more, 2 Minute Drill will be featured on Bloomberg Television Network and Amazon Prime Video, upon its worldwide release this January.

Alongside David will be an array of accomplished guest judges, among those included are successful serial entrepreneurs Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn, and Bradley Tusk, CEO and co-founder of Tusk Ventures, who will be sharing their billion-dollar insights with contestants and viewers.

David is also joined by featured guest judge, Rory Cutaia, CEO of Verb Technology Company Inc (NASDAQ: VERB), the #1 sales enablement platform. Jayson Waller, the host of the True Underdog Podcast and CEO of POWERHOME Solar, delivers an insightful “Tip of the Day” during each episode, giving entrepreneurs practical advice to improve their pitching skills. Scott Absher, CEO of the on-demand staffing platform ShiftPixy, Inc., (NASDAQ: PIXY) will also join to present the “Junior Achievement Impact Award” each episode, in recognition of entrepreneurs whose ideas are creating a positive social impact in their communities.

“This show is going to revolutionize the way that people pitch themselves and their businesses,” explains David Meltzer. “With my experience as an executive producer of Entrepreneur Media’s Elevator Pitch combined with the resources of our partners and sponsors, we are going to empower entrepreneurs to get their message across more effectively. I have been waiting for a TV show that really teaches the art of the pitch, rather than the facade of funding a deal.”

Clarity Experiences, a dynamic California based production firm, partnered with David Meltzer to create a captivating audio and visual experience for the series that will wow viewers.

If you’re interested in partnership opportunities contact


About David Meltzer:

David Meltzer is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and has been recognized as “Sports Humanitarian of the Year” by Variety. David is a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s #1 digital business show, Elevator Pitch, and host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook.

Learn more about David Meltzer Enterprises at


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