Happy Independence Day | Cali BBQ is Open July 4

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Barbecue on the Fourth of July is an American tradition.

Cali BBQ is open on July 4 so we can save you the work of having to cook for hours on the holiday weekend.

Cali bbq smoked meats

That way you can sit back, pile up a plate of slow-smoked meats, pour yourself a Cali Cocktail, and enjoy the day without all the hassle.

Cali BBQ is open for takeout and delivery from 12-8 pm — or until we sell out.

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When you want slow food — fast — Cali BBQ is here for you.

Pre-order your slow-smoked BBQ family meals, cocktails, and Wicked Peach Cobbler online anytime.

Nazdrave and thank you!

— Shawn and Rositsa Walchef, owners/operators Cali BBQ

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