#098: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business – El Pollo Grill

098 el pollo grill

Victor Lopez – El Pollo Grill – San Diego, CA

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  • Victor Lopez is the owner of El Pollo Grill a family-owned restaurant and catering company in the Lemon Grove and Bonita neighborhoods of San Diego, CA.
  • Victor will be opening his next location on November 13, 2019 at the Otay Ranch Mall.
  • Established in 1987 by Victor’s parents Rafael and Constanza Lopez, EPG is known for offering free “Spanos Suck” tacos each time the Los Angeles Chargers lose a game.
  • Employees, staffing, turnover, and why more businesses are using part-time shifts to allow for more flexible staffing, and better coverage.
  • Dealing with family issues in business such as adapting to new media, and other modern ways to advertise your brand.
  • Social media recognition and how being authentic and genuine online has been a large factor in El Pollo Grill’s success.

El Pollo Grill

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  • “I started learning little things when I would go through drive-thrus; I’d see combos. So I started offering combos. I started to learn marketing tools of how to up-sell.” [5:50] – Victor Lopez
  • “I’ve made lots of mistakes. Not because of anything malicious, but just mistakes. Every person makes mistakes… I’m 42 years old. I’m still learning.” [16:18] – Victor Lopez
  • “In 10 – 15 years I don’t want to be the sole operator of El Pollo Grill. I wanna live with my wife and my family. That’s my whole goal. My father worked 24/7 every week for 20 years. I don’t wanna do that.” [57:41] – Victor Lopez

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