#098: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business – El Pollo Grill

Victor Lopez – El Pollo Grill – San Diego, CA

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  • Victor Lopez is the owner of El Pollo Grill a family-owned restaurant and catering company in the Lemon Grove and Bonita neighborhoods of San Diego, CA. Victor will be opening his next location in fall 2019 at the Otay Ranch Mall.
  • Established in 1987 by Victor’s parents Rafael and Constanza Lopez, EPG is known for offering free “Spanos Suck” tacos each time the Los Angeles Chargers lose a game.
  • Employees, staffing, turnover, and why more businesses are using part-time shifts to allow for more flexible staffing, and better coverage.
  • Dealing with family issues in business such as adapting to new media, and other modern ways to advertise your brand.
  • Social media recognition and how being authentic and genuine online has been a large factor in El Pollo Grill’s success.

El Pollo Grill

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  • “I started learning little things when I would go through drive-thrus; I’d see combos. So I started offering combos. I started to learn marketing tools of how to up-sell.” [5:50] – Victor Lopez
  • “I’ve made lots of mistakes. Not because of anything malicious, but just mistakes. Every person makes mistakes… I’m 42 years old. I’m still learning.” [16:18] – Victor Lopez
  • “In 10 – 15 years I don’t want to be the sole operator of El Pollo Grill. I wanna live with my wife and my family. That’s my whole goal. My father worked 24/7 every week for 20 years. I don’t wanna do that.” [57:41] – Victor Lopez

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