#095: The Business of Quality Craft Beer – TapCraft

095 tapcraft

Michael Peacock – TapCraft – San Diego, CA

#095: The Business of Quality Craft Beer - TapCraft
  • Michael Peacock is the owner and founder of TapCraft; a San Diego based company that builds and maintains draught systems for all types of beverages.
  • Believing in furthering education, Peacock is the instructor for the Draught Systems course as part of SDSU’s Business of Craft Beer Program.
  • The importance of maintaining your your tap lines regularly and the in-glass impact it has on your product.
  • Using Coors Light’s, balanced, neutral flavor to help people learn how to identify different flavor profiles.
  • The personal dilemma Peacock faced when choosing to drink for his job after being sober for 20 years.


Website – https://www.tapcraft.net/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tapcraft_draught/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tapcraft_sd

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tapcraftsd

TapCraft Crew

Peacock – Founder

Jason Summers – Owner

Danny Ramirez – Owner

Antonio Lopez – Technician

Reed Birklund – Sales

Kadi Goodheart – Admin

Travis Hudson – Marketing


SDSU Business of Craft Beer – https://ces.sdsu.edu/hospitality/professional-certificate-business-craft-beer

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  • “Whenever I go out drinking the first thing I ask is do you have a charity beer on tap. Because I wanna support those who support others.” – [2:43] Michael Peacock
  • “If I’m out and about drinking beers and I’m drinking out of a can at a location and the draft system is sitting right there a few feet from me… I’m doing it on purpose because the draught system is not drinkable there.” – [37:35] Michael Peacock
  • “Selling the first beer is easy. Here’s the key; can you sell the next one? You are certainly not going to if your draught system is tainting that liquid gold.” – [57:06] Michael Peacock

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