#035: 2018 Internet Marketing Growth Hacks for Small Businesses – Power Digital Marketing

Grayson Lafrenz – CEO of Power Digital Marketing / Flip The Switch Podcast – San Diego @power_digital @flipswitchcast @GraysonMLafrenz

CEO of Power Digital Marketing and Flip The Switch Podcast, Grayson Lafrenz talks about how digital marketing is a key component to a successful business today. He shares his journey from sales to CEO.

Grayson explains the importance of transparency and how using social media can allow your consumers to connect and invest in your business.

Follow Grayson on his journey into 2018 with high team of intelligent millennials!

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Quotes / Snackable Takeaways From This Podcast:

“If you are not promoting yourself, nobody is”

“Business is messy”

“Marketing is the gasoline that makes your business successful”

“Transparency brings value to your consumer”

“Embrace changes when marketing your business”

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