#007: Winning Family Formula of Quality Beer and Premium Burgers – Brody’s Burgers and Beer

Craig and Beth Broderick of Brody's Burgers and Beer  Website: http://www.brodysburgersandbeer.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrodysBurgersBeer/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brodysburgersandbeer/ Ole Hickory Pits: www.olehickorypits.com/ Weber Grills: www.weber.com/US/en/grills Del Mar BBQ Championship: http://arlie-que.com/event_detail.php?event=10200 San Diego Reader article on Brody's: https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2013/mar/06/deal-brodys/# East County Eats article on Brody's: https://www.whisselrealty.com/blog/east-county-eats-brodys-burgers-beer-jamul-ca/ – Craig and Beth Broderick, Owners of Brody's Burgers and Beer located in Jamul, California – Beth and Craig have known Derek since he was a teenager – Jamul in East County is a great “small town feel” – When the city decides to drop a casino right in the middle of town – “JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD” – When Brody's opened up, Brody's became the local “cheers bar” – everybody knows everybody there – Restaurants were in Beth's blood from the beginning – Beth opened a restaurant in her 20s  in Mammoth called “Blondies Kitchen” where she met Craig – Craig was doing construction – Craig and Beth opened up Brody's around the recession time – “Do one thing and do it well” – Fun Fact: Brody's gets their fresh ground meat from Valley Farm Market – Blind Lady Ale House: http://www.blindladyalehouse.com/ – Craig loves beer – Transparency is good no matter how rude you may come off  – 31-tap craft beer system at Brody's with Abita draft root beer and two ciders – Societe Brewing: http://societebrewing.com/ – Abita Root Beer: https://abita.com/brews/abita-root-beer# – Getting started with beer is not easy when dealing with distribution – Fun Fact: Cali Comfort used to have just 8 tap handles before having 24 (currently) – Craft sodas are taking off – Owning a successful restaurant: It's about the experience, not just the product – Brody's has video games, a big conference room, a huge projector for sports games – Part of the Brody's experience is finding a beer that you are in the mood for – Very liberal about samples at Brodys so you can find the beer you like – You won't find beers like Coors Light at Brody's – Maui Bikini Blonde Lager: http://mauibrewingco.com/discover_beer/bikini-blonde-lager/ – Ska Blonde Ale: http://skabrewing.com/brews/true-blonde-ale-2/ – Brody's purposely doesn't carry Sculpin IPA – The effects of minimum wage increases on prices  – Nobody carries cash anymore except for people in the restaurant biz – California Restroom Sign Law Effective March 1, 2017: http://hrwatchdog.calchamber.com/2017/02/ca-restroom-sign-law-effective-march-1/ – Being hands-on owners makes the biggest difference – cleaning toilets, mopping floors, helping customers – Big common mistake is that owners can just open up a restaurant, socialize, and expect to let it run and then become successful – #GodDamnGoodBeer – Tap list masters at Brody's are Craig and his son, Cameron – “Great beer” has your palette quenching for more – “Behind every good man is a better woman” – Brody's is 100% family owned and operated including their 2 boys Cameron and William – Every single day Brody’s comes to pick up fresh ground beef and ground turkey at VFM – Valley Farm Market has fresh Julian Pies! – Try the Hangover Burger – bacon, eggs, hash brown patty, your choice of cheese – slightly over 1/3lb – highest quality of ingredients served as fresh as possible: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVVYqqVFNte/ – You can do a Build Your Own Burger at Brody's – You can expect consistency and high quality at places like IN N OUT & Brody's – Brody's is a perception of value – Rocky's Crown Pub burgers since 70s has done Cash Only: http://rockyburgers.com/ – Onion Petals & ranch dressing at Brody’s are bomb! – CLEANLINESS – Brody's does a deep cleaning every 3 months – “It’s like I’m on vacation when i walk into Brody's, I can sit down here and have a beer and tell some joke…


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