Craft BBQ takes time and expertise. We believe you should be able to enjoy a memorable slow-smoked BBQ experience without having to travel far, or spend all night cooking.

Cali BBQ’s pitmasters have dedicated themselves to the art of live fire cooking. They smoke our craft barbecue overnight in an Ole Hickory Smoker using aromatic California cooking woods.

Order BBQ online for pickup or delivery. You can even buy gift cards to use later on.

We are open everyday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or until we sell out!)

Social Distancing Made Simple with Online Ordering


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Cali BBQ is opening a new location in Barrio Logan San Diego for takeout and delivery

Cali BBQ is Expecting! We’re Opening Soon in San Diego

The Cali BBQ family is growing. We are excited to tell you about our new baby — an upcoming Cali BBQ restaurant location in San Diego. After 12 years of operating our single-unit, family-run restaurant in Spring Valley, Cali BBQ is expanding into the city of…

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Cali BBQ is more than just great BBQ. We also pride ourselves in being at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and new media content creation in the realm of small business. On our weekly podcast, Digital Hospitality, we sit down with everyone from business owners to media personalities to professional athletes and discuss what successes (and failures) propelled them to where they are today.

Becoming a Digital Media Machine | Aaron David Roberts (Rising Tides Creative) | DH045

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Bruce Irving on Digital Hospitality podcast

Making Dough (in more ways than one) with Smart Pizza Marketing | Bruce Irving | DH043

Drawn to the dough — in more ways than one — Bruce Irving’s rise in the pizza industry was low and slow. Bruce Irving is a marketing strategist, speaker, and founder of Irving Media Group LLC. The entrepreneur found fame as the voice and host…

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The Cali BBQ family is growing and we are expecting to start selling craft bbq from Barrio Logan in September of 2020. 🚀📲❤️

We are excited to tell you about our new baby — an upcoming Cali BBQ restaurant location in San Diego.

After 12 years of operating our single-unit, family-run restaurant in Spring Valley, Cali BBQ is expanding into the city of San Diego with a new takeout and delivery kitchen in the historic and vibrant Barrio Logan neighborhood.

With our new San Diego barbecue restaurant, people from all over San Diego — including Downtown, the Port District, and other areas — can now order Cali BBQ online and get food delivered to their door or they can pick up their barbecue meal and cocktails-to-go easily and safely from our takeout window.

We broke the big news of our second Cali BBQ location in San Diego with a video on social media and the outpouring of support has already been tremendous. Thank you for continuing to spread the word and sharing online so more people can hear the good news.

There’s a rich history in the Barrio Logan neighborhood and we can’t wait to become a part of the amazing community. Thank you to everyone who has already welcomed us to our new home.

We couldn’t be happier having you — our friends, guests, partners, and supporters — with us as we continue to make 2020 a monumental year for Cali BBQ. What a journey this year has been so far, with more to come.

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Low-N-Slow BBQ refers to creating quality, craft, competition-worthy barbecue over a long period of time and by slow smoking meats using a low temperature.

@calibbq is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the bbq craftsmanship that @genegoycochea taught us over the last decade.

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Buying great bbq shouldn’t be difficult.

We are working on improving our digital hospitality daily so that you can easily enjoy slow smoked bbq whenever you please.

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